Jøtul F400 Freestanding Wood Heater


The Jøtul F400 has advanced clean burn technology for greater efficiency. Adaptable with a short leg option, the Jøtul F400 makes an elegant focal point in any room and gives a heat output up to 13 kW. The glass door provides a good view of the burning logs and an external ash removal solution ensures easy removal of the ashes. This is hidden by a practical ash lip that catches ashes if they fall outside the door in an efficient way.

  • Heat output – 13.0kW at Peak.
  • Emissions – 1.1g/kg at Peak.
  • Efficiency – 69% at Peak.
  • 6mm thermal sheet.
  • Maximum log width – 500mm.
  • Rear shields required for installation clearances.
  • Designed & Manufactured in Norway
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